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This page contains links to information to assist current project participants.

Intent to Graduate

(Please note there is a process for the Masters and a separate process for the certificate. If you receive both you must complete both processes.


Certificate Completion

I contacted the Graduate Degree Audit and Graduation, Ms Dore Carter.

She guided me through what I needed to do over the phone.


1. Go to My UCF and sign in

2. Click on Student Self Services on the left


3. There is a box in the middle says "other academic." Click on the box and find "Intend to Graduate: Apply"

4. Click "Go"


and the rest is self-explanatory, just follow the direction.


Ms. Carter said that we do not use the Graduate Certificate Completion Form any more.

Don't go to the www.spd.education.ucf.edu. It's not up to date. (That tells you the old way of requesting for the certificate.)


Comprehensive Exams

Complete and Fax to Dr. Cynthia Pearl at (407) 823-3859


Set up your Knights E-Mail

You will receive all communications from UCF at this email address.


National Center on Service Obligations


Exceptional Student Education Advising Website

This website offers information for students enrolled in Exceptional Student Education programs. Includes information on: master of arts program, master of education program, Florida teacher certification exams (FTCE), comprehensive exams, financial opportunities, and graduate certificates.